See the banquet facility terms here. The Myth banquet facility staff strives for your wedding reception to go as smoothly as possible.

Booking Deposit

When you make your initial $1,750 deposit to hold the Myth wedding reception date, you will be required to sign a contract for that date. Call Debbie at 248-693-7170 for date availability, tours, or to request a quote and contract by e-mail.

Payment Toward Minimum

Four months prior to your wedding date, the minimum contract will need to be paid in full. Simply mail your check in with the wedding date on the memo.

The 2 Week Final Meeting

Two weeks before your wedding day, your actual count above the minimum contract, a final seating diagram, and all balances are due including choices from the popular upgrades and your menu choices. Things to have ready for the final 2 week prior to Wedding meeting:

  • Full count including vendors at the package price
  • Chair count in room matching the final count (vendors can be seated elsewhere)
  • Appetizer charges
  • Popular upgrade choices
  • Menu decisions
  • Final Payment due by check or cash
  • Tax and service charge applies to all food and beverage
  • Ceremony chair count / You will get a diagram no rehearsals onsite
  • Room fee

Minimum Adult Guest Counts:

Friday or Sunday banquet facility receptions require a minimum of 100 adult guests.
Saturday banquet facility receptions require a minimum of 150 adult guests.
Please ask about minimum balance requirements for Saturdays including extras for premium dates during peak season
(May through mid November)

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